Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pope Watch - Washington Post

There is much dissent among Catholic musicians over the musical choices for the Masses during Pope Benedict's upcoming American visit. Here is the Washigton Post's blog:

Here is the comment that I just left:

What large group speaks for whom?

I admit that I joined the CMAA late in my musical/liturgical life. It was my mistake. For your information, there is a document on the CMAA website, authored by Msgr. Richard Schuler, which chronicles the reform of the Mass since St. Pope Pius X, with emphasis on implementation in the USA throughout. It is very interesting reading when you get to the Vat. II implementation era! It details the origins of NPM, giving names, places, and dates.

Having pointed you to that document, I must now admit that I attended, with much joy and commitment, the NPM Convention in Chicago back in 1979. Although it was a great "musical" experience, singing under both Alexander Peloquin and Joseph Gelineau, I now consider that a mistake equal to that of waiting so long to join CMAA. I would never, ever consider attending a NPM convention again. I do not support any of that groups views, not do they support a singal one of mine.

My boss has tickets to the President's greeting the Pope on the White House lawn. He is taking his teenage daughter with him. I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience. I would not waste the time or train ticket to sit in a crowded not-church for a Mass with this sort of non-liturgical music. I will probably listen to Sirius radio for most of the events just to hear what is going on. So far, I am embarrassed to be considered a Catholic musician along side the people putting on these ultra-contemporary Liturgies.