Thursday, August 11, 2016

St. John's Lane, Dublin

Now that my visit to Dublin is a couple of weeks in the past, I am so thankful to Beverly Faber for recommending the Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist and St. Augustine for me to visit! I took a lot of photos, and posted the best here in my "Travel Log", but here are a couple of videos:

This fist is a tour of the interior with a few of the front entrance, along with some wonderful Bach background music.

As I mentioned in the Travel Log, this was my first anti-clockwise bell ringing experience, and on a 9-bell method at that! This video is not from that ringing session, but one of the ringers took a really good video of all nine bells being rung on their outing.

This is a really beautiful church - even more so that either of the larger non-Catholic Cathedrals! And the bells were a great experience to ring!