Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sacra Liturgia UK 2016

After some years, I have decided to reactivate (start using again) my blog here.

I will be attending the Sacra Liturgia UK Conference in London this July 5th-8th, and I will use this blog as a travel log.

I will post a few photos on FaceBook and include links to this blog there.

I will be staying at University Housing B&B in Notting Hill for 2 weeks, then traveling up to Edinburgh for a couple of days; then Manchester; and finally Dublin for my last weekend.  I depart Charleston at Noon, July 1st, and return July 25th.

Besides the Conference, my purpose for making this trip is attending EF Mass (Traditional Latin Mass / Tridentine Mass) in as many churches as possible, making contact with priests and musicians at each.  I will, of course, try to get some bell ringing in while there.