Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit - the Aftermath

I posted a reply today on FaceBook to someone else's comment, and I will expand a bit on it here:

I love Europe. I am thankful that the US helped in two world wars so that the nations in the continent of Europe could be free.

As a Catholic, I would like to visit Rome and other parts of Italy - to see the Pope (both of them?) and to attend EF Masses in beautiful, historic churches.  I would also like to see various parts of rolling countryside and historic places and architecture.  But I have no real affinity with Italy, nor do I desire to be Italian.

Having been a pipe organ builder for much of my life, I would like to visit Germany and France to see all sorts of organs and churches, and also to attend EF Masses.  I am also 1/2 German (and that 1/2 Protestant and 1/2 Catholic).  But I feel no affinity with either country, nor do I desire to be German or French.

There are places in Spain and Ireland that I would like to see - both architeture and countryside.  And I am almost 1/2 Irish (and again, that 1/2 Protestant and 1/2 Catholic).  But I feel no affinity with either Ireland or Spain, and even though my AOH brothers might be sad to hear it, I have no desire to be either Irish or Spanish.

There ARE a number of reasons why I do feel an affinity with Great Britain - bell ringing is only one of them.  would like to be British, but I have no real desire to be European.  It only means as much as being an American citizen makes me a North American.  Sitting here across the Pond and seeing an entire continent of sovereign nations become as powerless as any State in the USA has been painful for me to watch.  I am so proud of the British, including the Monarchy, that the Pound Sterling was kept even when almost all the other countries climbed onto the Euro bandwagon, and that there is still a more than significant military.  I firmly believe that, not just England, but every country that would leave the EU, will be better off as sovereign nations once again.  As human beings we all know that it takes time to fix repercussions from bad decisions we have made in the past.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Memorial Aclamations for the Anglican Ordinariate

As previously promised, here are the three Memorial Acclamations with the Book of Divine Worship Missal translation.

Here is Acclamation A:

Here is Acclamation B:

Here is Acclamation C:

As promised last week, here is the accompaniment:

If you have trouble using these graphics, let me know.  I can supply TIF files for inserting into congregation worship aids and a PDF of the accompaniment page.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Revisiting an old 2007 post - Memorial Acclamation

Some years ago I posted the Memorial Acclamation we used at Our Lady or Walsingham in Houston for many years.  It was the older ICEL text "Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again."  Here it is to remind you:

Of course, that text is no longer allowed - we have much better texts since 2011.  So I have composed new acclamations based on this melody.

Here is Acclamation A:

Here is Acclamation B:

Here is Acclamation C:

We will begin singing Acclamation A here at Stella Maris Church next Sunday, 12 June 2016.

These are JPG files. If anyone wishes to use them, go right ahead.  I have them as TIF files as well.

If you would like the TIF files and/or a PDF of the accompaniment, I can send them as attachments to an email.