Saturday, March 24, 2007


Greetings from Charleston, South Carolina.

I've been leaving comments on other people's blogs for a while now, and I decided that it's time to have one myself. So, I'm new at this. We'll just see how it works.

I am into:

* Roman Catholic Church music - I'm an organist/cantor, and I do chant some Gregorian from the Graduale Romaun with organ accompaniment from Nova Organi Harmonia.

*Organ building - I've been building organs for over 30 years. Currently I am involved in building organs with both state-of-the-art digital stops AND the highest quality pipes. The living, breathing pipe-work is essential for congregational singing, and no church should be without it. But much of the special color of the organ can be beautifully accomplished digitally. This combination makes it possible for small to medium sized parishes to afford an organ. This will be imperative for the success of the "reform of the reform".

* Change ringing - I've been ringing since 1978. There are more change ringing bell towers in Charleston than in any other city in North America. One tower is a RC parish, the others are (surprise!) Episcopalian. I ring at them all whenever I can.

* Bagpipes - Although I'm not a performer, my eldest son is. He and I perform bagpipes & organ together occasioinally. I am involved with running piping competitions at The Citadel (indoors) early in the year and the Highland Games in late September.

I think that posts on any of these topics will be interesting.


Brian Michael Page said...

Stephen, didn't you used to post in either the organchat or catholicmusic Yahoo groups?
I'm still on organchat, but hardly check posts (because even on digest I would get about 20 mailings a day), and I left catholicmusic due to all the spam and John Mark not around to moderate anymore (probably because of college and stuff).
I'll be adding you to the blogroll at Christus Vincit, where I'm one of three bloggers.


Scelata said...

I have enjoyed your posts on TNLM, and just discovered your blog... don't disappoint me by not continuing it!

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World!)