Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Ave Maria" by Vavilov in the style of Caccini (updated)

I recently posted a movie review of "The Von Trapp Family: A life of Music". As I stated, there was none of musical pieces from "The Sound of Music", rather music that the family typically performed at the time.

One piece is the "Ave Maria" by Vladimir Vavilov, but commonly attributed to Giulio Caccini. It is performed in the movie to particular infuriate the Austrian Nazi Party members who warned the Captain not to perform there. There are a number of arrangements of the piece. Here are just a few:
(very interesting!)

As you can hear, this is a very versatile piece! You might also notice that it only repeats "Ave Maria" without going into the rest of the prayer.

I have a simple arrangement by John Ross that we used the first Sunday in October with our cantor, Lara Brooksbank. I've taken it to Finale, made only a few minor adjustments to the accompaniment, and added the entire "Ave Maria" text. I've shared this with John, and he likes the result.

Here are JPG files in the key of E minor:

And here are JPG files in D minor, that might be easier for some cantors:



The above files have been modified since I put them up here originally.

If these JPG files don't work well enough for you (they're shown here very small, but are 600 DPI on letter size paper), let me know in a comment, or contact me on FaceBook. I have them in PDF as well. Or, if you need a different key, let me know.

And here is the SATB version in G minor:

I can still add some string parts. I don't when I will get to it, though. I will record the solo version with one of our cantors. Here is a recording with me playing the organ at the Parish Hall Mass with Lara Brooksbank singing:

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Bruno Viana said...

Hello, do you have the original version of Caccini's Ave Maria in C Minor? I'd be very happy if you would send me :) Thank you.