Sunday, June 04, 2017

And So Another Adventure Begins

This is why I love to travel - it is always an adventure!

The JetBlue flight from Charleston to JFK was uneventful, even with a crying one-year old with the couple sharing the starboard seats. Evidently, TSA has made me a "pre-check" traveler, even without me asking or me applying or paying a fee!

I had over two hours lay-over in NYC, so I had some dinner at Tigin Irish Pub while I waited. (I knew there would be two meals on the overseas flight, but neither what nor when, and I really hadn't eaten anything in Charleston all day!)

Joshua has been talking about flying in a 747, before they take them out of service. There was one parked about 800' from our gate, but the Emirates plane at our gate was an A380-800!

 Two jet-ways: one for First Class (upper deck)
the other for the rest of us!

 From my seat forward.
The flight attendants uniforms were quite striking -
as were some of the flight attendants!
They did remove their head-covers and scarfs during the flight.

 From my seat aft.

 Stairs to the flight deck (L) and forward lavatories (R).

 Stairway to First Class, with bar at the top.

One of the flight attendants offered to take my photo on the
plane as we were all getting off in Milan.
He then suggested taking a look at First Class,
and had me sit in one of the seats!

We flew into Milano Malpensa Airport. It's about 25 miles north of the city. I took a shuttle bus to the main rail station, and then a taxi to Oasi San Francesco -  on the other side of the city. After I unpacked, I took a short nap in preparation for the evening!

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Anonymous said...

You look very "natural" in first class.