Monday, July 04, 2016

Travel Log - Day 1, Evening

I already mentioned seeing my former boss, Jan Rowland, at Temple Church for the opening event of the ISO Congress. This organ was recently refurbished by the organ builder, Harrison & Harrison of Durham. Temple Church was damaged during the Blitz in WWII, including the organ. The owner of a estate in Aberdeenshire had an organ in his ball-room that he wanted sell. The famous 20th century organist, Sir George Thalden-Ball took him up on the offer.


When I first visited the UK in 1980, I was most fortunate to have visited Temple Church one Sunday afternoon, only to notice Sir George still there after Evensong, chatting with a lady. When they were finished, I introduced myself. He was so gracious! He took my up to the console and started improvising - demonstrating various stops for me, and talking continuously! That was one the most memorable 30 minutes in my life!

He died only a few years later.

So, having not gotten to Mass yet, I headed for a pretty church nearby - Immaculate Conception, maintained now by Jesuits. It was a regular OF Mass, no music, for mostly 20-something Londoners. It was reverent, but it did contain some things in the Sanctuary that you might expect from Jesuits. The Church is beautiful!

Back to my room for bed, and trying to catch up on sleep.  I'm running a day behind blogging - I'll try to catch up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I barely know London, however if Temple Church is "the round one" then it is the burial place of the great knight William the Marshal who was "the perfect Knight" in combat and in statesmanship. The Catholic Dukes of Norfolk are descended from him, and his bloodlines run through many of the old Recusant families.

lisa said...

Hi Steve-Sorry to hear of your initial troubles, but hope all behind you now. It seems an interesting journey and grand time. Love all things British also. Hi to the Queen. Cheers and Godspeed!