Saturday, July 23, 2016

Travel Log - Days 18-20

Wednesday morning in Edinburgh, and the rains have finally caught up with me! It's really ugly outside. Thankfully, I got over to the cafeteria before it really poured down. I checked out and called taxi to take me (and all my luggage) to the train station. There, I was told about some serious delays traveling west, and that I had to travel south to York and change trains to get to Manchester. Broadbottom is a short distance on another line from Piccadilly Station.

Michael and Raven Wenner were parishioners at my former parish, Our Lady of Walsingham, in Houston Texas. This was one of the earliest parishes of the Anglican Use Pastoral Provision where a number of former Episcopalians and their priest became Catholics and established a new parish. Michael is a WWII veteran of the British Army, and Raven is a native Houstonian now becoming a British citizen since they retired to Broadbottom.

Michael's son, Martin, purchased this 17th century estate some years ago, and restored the stable into a very comfortable two-story house.

The apple orchard, with quite a few varieties:

The dated keystone above the main door of the house:

The only remaining original glass
some of the oldest in England:

Martin also designed an built a garage and apartment
in the same style of the original buildings:

I am skipping my first night in Dublin to stay here one more day to rest and visit. Friday will be the travel day by rail and ferry to Dublin.

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Anonymous said...

What a fascinating-looking place. I like the owl-head under the date-stone on the new building.