Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Travel Log - Day 9

I went to the Schott Music Store this morning. (Schott is one of the most important music publishing companies, based in Germany.) I didn't find anything I needed for organ, but I found a piece by Satie for clarinet and piano in the sale bin. I bought it for Andrew.

Then I walked over to Selfridges department store. (I had visited Harrads department store on my 2010 visit.) Some things looked more modern that the recent four-season show "Mr. Selfridge".

They still take much pride in their window displays - this season referring to Shakespeare's plays:

And they had some really nice things in the men's department!

In the evening, it was a return visit to St. Vedast, Foster Lane (right across from St. Paul's Cathedral). I had rung there on a Sunday back in 1980. One of the other ringers had been taught by my mentor, Marie Cross.


A post WWII poster in the ringing room and the bell:

There are only six bells, and the tenor is about the weight of St. Michael's tenor in downtown Charleston. They are nice to ring on.

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