Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Travel Log - Day 2

At the time of my last visit to London, the museum of the Order of St. John was closed for renovation. I went there today. It includes very interesting displays and the history of all of the Order - the origins in the Holy Land, Rhodes, Malta, and the various splits in the Order in modern times. Nearby is the International Headquarters of the Venerable Order. Here are a couple of photos of the museum.

Later I had very nice visit with Alan Hughes at Whitechapel Bell Foundry. We discussed clock bells for Zimbelsterns (pipe organ stop - accessory) and electrical striking of peal bells. We also chatted about history, Brexit, and other things. I did not know that there was, historically, a "White Chapel"! The park just a block away is where it was. It had burned down a couple of times, and finally they decided not to rebuild it. The park includes some of the original stone pieces.

Then I went to Corpus Christi Church for Latin Low Mass. This church is right next to the Covent Garden Market, and you can hear the market noise inside the church. There were about 50 people, 20's -70's there.

Mass was at this side altar since the main sanctuary was under renovation.

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