Friday, July 15, 2016

Travel Log - Day 11

I took some time off in the morning - to sleep in and organize a bit. Then I went down to the Thames, on the Westminster side, and took one of the pedestrian bridges across to South Bank. I checked into the London Eye, and decided I would come back tomorrow for that.

Then made my way to Southwark Cathedral - to take some photos before bell ringing practice began.
The tower approaching from the west, and the west entrance exiting to the south:

The choir from the back of the nave, and the organ in the south transept:

The retro choir, behind the reredos of the high altar, the oldest part of the Cathedral, with four Altars for private Masses:

The chandelier and main crossing ceiling, from below and from the walkway to the bell tower:

The bells will be removed starting next Monday and be out for rehanging and refitting for about six months. Two of the 13 bells will be recast, some of the others retuned, but other have enough history with them that they can only be rehung. The bell frame is made of wood, and is the oldest such frame in the UK. It will be strengthened and stabilized only. Tonight was the last practice on the bells, and was a festive occasion. I'm glad I chose to go to this practice!

Then we went to the pub next door. I chatted with old friends that I rang with back in 1980, some new friends from earlier in this visit, and newer friends from tonight. We pretty much closed it down at 11:00!

More tomorrow. Only four days left in London!

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