Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Travel Log - Day 16

This day started with a trip to Waitrose and Tesco markets for food to take on the trip to Edinburgh. (There is food available on the trains, but marked up significantly!) Then I had to pack. I finally got on a northbound train at Noon - Express to Doncaster, and then making most of the stops on north. I had one of my two sandwiches on the train, along with a Kopparberg Mixed Berry Cider.

The weather was partly cloudy during the trip, with a nice shower happening out over the water, but was quite nice when I checked into Pollock Halls at Edinburgh U. The forecast was for great weather Tuesday, and rain on Wednesday, but I chose to take advantage of the good weather - and go ahead with climbing up Arthur's Seat, one of my major goals of this entire trip!

Salisbury Crag from outside Pollock Halls' gate:

Arthur's Seat from Holy Rood Park Road:

Views on the way up:


Off the road onto the Green Path, going up the back side:

Looking back down from the last bit:

 At the top:

And with a new friend who wanted to have a photo with me:

Views from the top:

And the icing on the cake of my goal - a picnic sandwich
(from Waitrose earlier) and a Kopparberg Pear Cider
while resting at the top:

The Castle with the Tattoo stands already erected on the Esplanade
(with zoom, it's really far away on a much smaller rock!):

Views on the way down:

I came down the front side, much steeper, with stepping stones most of the way.
The path zigzags for at least the height of St. Paul's Cathedral Dome which included 528 steps.
I did not try to count these. It was enough to concentrate on which stone next, with which foot! 

Final sets of views nearing the bottom again:

And this is where I'm staying:

Second floor (third from the ground) second window from the right
 with the curtain mostly open and the window open.

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