Thursday, July 07, 2016

Travel Log - Day 5

Yet another super day, weather wise! I decided it was time to break out the seersucker and white bucks - just a bit chilly in the morning, but perfect by noon.

The talks were good today. The most notably to me was Bishop Alan Hopes who is part of ICEL (International Committee on English in the Liturgy). He explained the process and progress of the new translation of the Divine Office including the Office Hymns.

(All of this year's talks will be available soon on the Conference's website.)

I had a very nice lunch, picnic style in the park behind the Oratory, with my friend, Eve Farren. We had met back in 2010 looking for the Catholic Cathedral in Edinburgh to go to Mass, and have been friends since. We had a very nice chat.

Then, after the Mass, Dr. William Mahrt and I had a very nice dinner at the Genting Casino Cromwell Mint. No, we didn't play any roulette, but the dinner was exquisite and the service high class!

Tomorrow's last presentation will be by Msgr. Andrew Burnham, of the UK Anglican Ordinariate. The final Liturgy will be a Solemn Mass using the Divine Worship Missal at the church of Our Lady of the Assumption & St. Gregory, with Msgr. Keith Newton celebrating.

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