Sunday, July 24, 2016

Travel Log - Day 22

There is a very nice Catholic Church named St. Audoen's with a vibrant Polish community supporting it. They don't have any bells.

It's St Audoen's Church, Church of Ireland, that has a peal of bells, including three of the oldest bells in Ireland. The site of these two church buildings have a historic and archaeological commonality, with the latter being the older building.

I rang a touch of Stedman Doubles (5-bell method) on the #3 bell - one of the bells cast in 1423.

I recorded this as I headed on to Latin Mass:

St. Kevin's Church was one of my commitments to investigate by attending their weekly Latin High Mass. I took a taxi from ringing to Mass, just so I wouldn't be late.

As stated on the parish website, this church is designated by the Archbishop as the Latin Mass Chaplaincy. Its architect was E.W. Pugin, just as St. John's Lane from Saturday's bell ringing, and there is a connection to Blessed John Newman.

It looks like this wraps up my trip. All I need now is dinner somewhere and then packing to leave tomorrow morning. It has been a whirlwind of things to do, and I loved it all! And I give special thanks to Michael and Raven who gave me an extra day to relax before finishing my grand tour.

I hope all of you have enjoyed reading about it.


Vijaya said...

Steve, this was a beautiful travelogue, esp. for someone who is a bit homebound. Loved the bells!!! Thank you. Godspeed home. We miss you.

Anonymous said...

This was a marvellous travelogue and we really enjoyed it !