Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Travel Log - Day 10

I decided that today was the day for the St. Paul's Cathedral tour - the whole thing, all the way to the top of the iconic dome that survived WWII and had many historic photos taken during the blitz.

Photography is not allowed inside the Cathedral. I listened to the self-guided tour on the main floor, and then headed for the door to the first set of spiral stairs to the Whispering Gallery. This is the walk around the inside of the dome, and still does not allow photography. Then I continued to the Stone Gallery - the level outside at the base of the dome.



Then on up to the Golden Gallery, with an incredible view of London!

After some lunch and a nap, I went back down to St. Michael's Cornhill, just a couple of blocks from St. Paul's, for an Ancient Society of College Youths 12-bell practice. For the second time with the College Youths, I was able to ring Stedman Cinques (11-bell method) with some coaching from behind.

Afterwards, I was invited for a drink at The Counting House, and the monthly meeting. Not being a member of the society, a ringing friend sponsored me as a visitor. 

 Thank you to the members of the ASCY for a wonderful evening!

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