Sunday, July 24, 2016

Travel Log - Day 21 Afternoon

After the morning's ringing, we all had lunch at the Porterhouse. Being a group of about 30, they gave us the dining area on the second floor (i.e. the third floor in US terms).

The tower for the afternoon was St. Patrick's Cathedral, a peal of 12 bells with a tenor weighing almost 5,100 pounds (very close to the weight of the tenor at Christ Church Cathedral in the morning). Look here for some interesting notes about the bell tower.

I rang in a touch Grandsire Cinques (11-bell method) and only went wrong once. I'm sure I could ring these methods on larger numbers of bells if I could live in the UK!

I had planned to spend the day being a tourist - seeing both the "Book of Kells" and the Museum display about the Irish "Easter Rising", but bell ringing with my friends trumps being just a tourist. I'll try to get those things on my next trip.

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