Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Travel Log - Day 17

After a good breakfast in the cafeteria, I bought a day-pass on Edinburgh buses, and headed into the city center. I toured St. Giles' Cathedral (Scottish) since it was on the way up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle.

Here you can see the difference between
the older and newer parts of the building:

The organ is an important concert instrument
built by the Austrian company, Rieger:

While Edinburgh Castle is built on a large rock outcropping, it is not nearly as high as Arthur's Seat (see yesterday's photo of the Castle from Arthur's Seat), but it is still quite a walk up the Royal Mile!

And even more steep roads and walkways inside the Castle!

The modern canon that is fired each day,
with pomp and ceremony, at 1:00PM:

And the cemetery for soldiers' pets and company mascots:

Here are some photos taken of the city from the Castle walls:

St. Cuthbert's, where I rang this evening:

The Anglican Cathedral of St. Mary, where I rang on my last visit:

I took a bus down to the water's edge in Leith to tour the Royal Yacht, but decided that it wasn't worth another entrance fee, and returned to my dorm to start packing for the morning.

I did have a small lunch at one restaurant to try their haggis, and then a full lunch at Deacon Brodies Pub:

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