Friday, July 08, 2016

Travel Log - Day 6

I can't believe it's over already! Four days have flown by so fast!

Here is the room where we received all the papers and had our discussions:

At the beginning of this morning's session, we all sang the "Veni Creator". I had a short lunch break with Michael Andrews, Director of the Office of Worship in the Diocese of Lansing, at the Imperial College cafeteria. He knows Jason Vaughan.

The main focus this afternoon was the Anglican Ordinariate. Msgr. Andrew Burnham gave a talk on the process and sources used for the recently publish "Divine Worship: The Missal". He also mentioned how, with all the prior work done over the last 20 years in the US producing the "Book of Divine Worship", the dominating use of Tudor/Elizabethan English has been made even more traditional in The Missal, and British members of the Oridnariate are having trouble getting used to it. You see, they have been using, even while still in the C of E, the RC Sacramentary of 1974. They desired the authority of the Pope in place of the ultimate authority of the British Parliament - since neither the Monarch nor the Archbishop of Canterbury have the final say on what happens in the Church.

I finally got a photo taken of me as I responded to his talk:

I sort of apologized for the US Anglican Use having given them a starting point so "high", but that, since the Pastoral Provision for the Anglican Use was strictly limited to the US, we were sort of on our own to produce everything we needed. I also asked for prayers for Fr. James Parker and his wife, Mary Alma, both of whom have died within the last couple of years. Fr. Parker was instrumental in just about everything that happened in and to the Anglican Use. He was also our Ancient Order of Hibernians Chaplain for many years.

I had a nice snack after the conference was over with Jenny Donelson, David Hughes, and Fr. David Friel. Then we went over to Our Lady of the Assumption & St. Gregory on Warwick Street (in Soho) for the Anglican Ordinariate Solemn High Mass. It was very beautiful, but quite different from what we used to do at Our Lady of Walsingham. The church is quite small, and they have both regular OF Mass and Ordinariate Mass in the same sanctuary requiring quite a bit of furniture shifting between Masses. If the Conference photographer doesn't upload any photos of the final liturgy, I'll go to Mass there later in my visit and take some photos to post here.

As I said, this week has flown by!

Speaking of flying, I'll go out to the Flying Legends Airshow outside of Cambridge tomorrow. That's sort of the last day I have totally scheduled - then I can just be a tourist next week.


Yram Niatnuom said...

I have been enjoying every day of your travels. I missed hearing what the group is that you attended, but it is surely a blessing for the Church. Safe travels, Mary Ferri

Stephen M. Collins said...

It was the Sacra Liturgia UK Conference. You've possibly heard about it now - where Cardinal Sarah encouraged all priests and bishops to face east (ad orientem) starting this next Advent. It has modern Catholics all over the world in a tizzy!